Terms of Usage

These terms of use constitute a legal agreement between user and company regarding your use of the Dehati Songs website i.e. http://www.dehatisongs.com/. Please read these terms, all rules and policies related to the dehatisongs video service. You accept these terms and agreement by clicking “Watch Now” or other equivalent on the dehatisongs video service website.

1. Description of the Service:

Dehatisongs offers digital content including movies, news, songs, TV shows, comedy shows, and other services under certain terms and conditions as set forth in this agreement. Our service allows you to access and view Digitalized Content in different ways like by streaming a copy, or by downloading a copy. Some videos may be available for download only, and some videos may be available for streaming and download.

2. Carrying Terms of Use into effect:

Terms of Use becomes effective by expression by the User of the consent with their conditions in the form of pressing of "Download" button by the User, available at http://www.dehatisongs.com/.

3. Compatible Devices:

In order to be able to view and download Digital Content, you will need to use a personal computer, mobile phones, tablets, laptop, or other device that meets the system and compatibility requirements that we establish from time to time and is otherwise capable of interacting with the Service (each such device, a "Compatible Device").

4. Obligations of the User on use of the SAVEVIDEO.ME Service:

The user is obliged to read and familiarise attentively with conditions of this Terms of Use in full prior to the beginning of use of the dehatisongs.com Service. If the User disagree with any part of the Terms of Use, then the User may not use the dehatisongs.com Service.

5. Legal Complaints:

We respect intellectual property rights. If you believe that Content on the Services infringes your copyright, please follow our procedures for making a copyright infringement claim.  If you have a legal complaint other than a copyright claim, please follow our procedure for making other legal complaints.

6. Downloading and Risk of Loss:

If you are unable to complete a download after having reviewed our online help resources, please contact dehatisongs customer service. Once you purchase or rent videos or digital content, you are responsible for completing the download, if you choose to download, and for all risk of loss of the Digital Content after download.

7. Third-Party Content:

Digital Content providers delivering online videos that you rent, purchase, or view on the service are expected third-party beneficiaries under this agreement.

8. Limitation of Liability:

The dehatisongs parties do not warrant: -
a) That the services, any of the services’, functions, or any digital content will be uninterrupted or free of errors of omissions.
b) That defects will be corrected.
c) The services or servers hosting them are free of viruses or other harmful code.
d) The services or information available through the services will continue to be available.
The dehatisongs parties will have no liability for any such issues.

9. Contact Information:

For more communication regarding this agreement - Kindly reach us at info@dehatisongs.com